Privacy Policy

1) The importance of your privacy

Blooms supports the Australian Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information established under the Privacy Act 1988.

This Privacy Policy is designed to explain to you the sort of Personal Information that we may collect about you.  It also sets out how and why we collect the Personal Information, our policies on management and storage of that material as well as how we use and disclose it and how you can access and seek correction of your Personal Information or complain about privacy matters.

2) What we may collect and hold

Personal Information is private or personal information or an opinion about a person who is reasonably identifiable from that information.  The types of Personal information which we may collect and hold include:

  • Your name, gender, date of birth and address including email address;
  • Your phone number and mobile phone number;
  • Any allergies or conditions that you have;
  • Your Doctor’s contact details;
  • Medication that you are on;
  • Your payment information if ordering online through our website;
  • Your prescriptions and order history if ordering online through our website;
  • Your opinion/preferences about specific products and services;
  • Communications between you and us; and
  • Transactional information about your use of our products and services.

You consent to us collecting your Personal Information which is specialised information relevant to your health and medical history when our products and services require that information.

3) Storage and Management of Your Personal Information

Personal Information in digital format (i.e. computer records) is stored on servers located within Australia. Blooms’ Pharmacists take active steps to secure the Personal Information which they hold as well as to keep this information accurate and up to date.

Blooms applies a range of technologies (including access control passwords and procedures, differentiated according to authority, network firewalls, encryption and physical security) to protect your privacy.

Documents containing Personal Information are filed in secure storage facilities until they are no longer required and may be securely disposed of.  In many instances a copy of the material is saved to a digital format and the original document is then securely destroyed.

Blooms employees and consultants are obliged to preserve the confidentiality of personal information that they deal with.

Visitors to the website who are not account holders with Blooms may have anonymous information about their browsing noted. This helps us to understand what our customers want and to make sure we have it available.  We sometimes use “cookies” (if your computer settings allow it) to track websites browsed by you. Again this is aimed at optimising our service to you so, if you disable the cookies, you may not get the best out of our website.

A similar situation applies when you access our Facebook page or other digital properties where we may note anonymous information which tells us about online behaviour, but not your identity.

Importantly apart from needing the Personal Information at your chosen Blooms outlet so as to provide a better service to you and to comply with our reporting requirements with government, your Personal Information is rendered anonymous before it is used by Blooms for any analysis by us.  In other words it will no longer be Personal Information.  This means that the reports we prepare will not identify you or attribute or associate any information or characteristics specifically to you, nor will it assist in doing so.

4) How we collect it

Blooms collects Personal Information about you in two ways:

  • When you provide us with your details at a Blooms store or through our website.
  • Within our stores when purchasing products or filling scripts.

5) Why we collect Personal Information

Blooms collects Personal Information about you so that we can provide you with a better service including  ensuring wherever possible that we have enough of the right stock on hand.

We use your email address in relation to orders placed by you on line.  Many of our patients prefer to receive their accounts on-line rather than in the post.   We do not use these emails for commercial use without prior consent.

We have certain legal obligations to collect and provide Personal Information about you to government authorities.  We will only disclose to those authorities who are authorised by law to receive your Personal Information or if you authorise us or as set out in this Policy.

We collect Personal Information for the purpose of providing Blooms’ customers with marketing material informing you of promotions which may be of interest along with details of other products or services we provide.

If you decline to provide us with your Personal Information (which is your right), we may not be able to provide all of the above services adequately and may be unable to accept certain orders or service requests.

6) What we do with that information

In addition to the uses of Personal Information set out in paragraph 5 above we also use some of the Personal Information for a purpose that is different to the original purpose for which it was collected (Secondary Purpose).  Where we do that we will make sure that at least one of the following applies:

  • this secondary purpose is related to the original reason that we collected the Personal Information (the Primary Purpose) and you would reasonably expect that we would use or disclose the Personal Information for the Secondary Purpose provided it is related to the Primary Purpose.  Note where the information is in the category of Sensitive Information the Secondary Purpose must be directly related to the Primary Purpose ; or
  • you have consented to the Secondary Purpose; or
  • the use or disclosure is required or authorised by or under law (including for example, as a necessary part of an investigation of suspected unlawful activity).

In many instances your identity is irrelevant to the use of the data.  Wherever we can de-identify Personal Information, in other words we strip out unnecessary identifying information, so that we can aggregate the data to undertake research and analysis.  Once that has been done the information that remains no longer contains enough information to be classified as Personal Information.

We will assume you consent to management of your Personal Information in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy (which may change from time to time) until you tell us otherwise by contacting the Privacy Officer.

7) What we do not do with your Personal Information

Blooms will not make your Personal Information available to any person not engaged or employed by us unless we:

  • are obliged by law; or
  • have your consent.

We sometimes share your Personal Information with a Blooms affiliate or subsidiary where it is necessary to deliver your requested items or services to you.

Personal Information may be disclosed to our service providers or professional advisors.  This does not extend to service providers or professional advisors located outside of Australia.

8) Accessing your Personal Information

It is important that the Personal Information we hold about you is correct and complete.

If you are aware that this is not the case and would like your personal information corrected, or simply desire access to your personal information, please contact us via the contact address set out in paragraph 11 below.

We may ask you to put your request in writing and pay a reasonable fee levied by us for this.

9) Questions, Comments or Complaints

If you have any questions, comments or complaints (enquiry) regarding our Privacy Policy or its implementation in relation to you, please contact us at the address set out in paragraph 11.

Please make sure that you provide enough factual information to enable us to understand the nature and extent of the enquiry.  This includes the relevant Personal Information involved, the circumstances of the enquiry, and the Blooms process or store, and staff member involved.

Blooms will contact you to confirm receipt of your enquiry within 5 business days of receipt.  At that time we will give you the contact details of both the person at Blooms who is handling the enquiry and of the Privacy Officer.

If the Blooms response does not resolve a complaint then the person lodging the complaint and Blooms will meet in good faith to establish a process (which may or may not entail third party involvement) and a time frame for dealing with the complaint.

10) Other privacy terms and limits of this policy

This is a policy. There may be additional privacy notices and terms relevant to you depending on the nature of your dealings with us and on our particular businesses. There are additional privacy terms in our loyalty program contract (Blooms’ Loyalty Programmes).

11) Amendments to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time to meet changing conditions however any changes will comply with Australian law regarding privacy.

12) Contacting Blooms’ Privacy Officer

The contact details for the Blooms Privacy Officer are:


Privacy Officer
Blooms the Chemist
Level 3
304-318 Kingsway,


13) More information

More information about privacy law and privacy principles is available from the Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Commissioner may be contacted at (email –